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Ever since the first stirrings of the motor nerves in his fingers, Man began to shape things … whatever he could lay hands on … stones became tools for hunting, round surfaces were transformed into sharp edges that could cur and pierce, and, the soft clay from Mother Earth came to life in his hands.

Deft fingers were soon to engage in an everlasting communion with objects that they felt and touched … a geometric communion that blended aesthetics with the boundaries of mental perception.

Thus was formed an eternal bond that witnessed the progress of MAN’S PROWESS IN SHAPING WOOD, the most-easily available and shapeable raw material on earth, into many an invention – right up to the mighty ships that sailed the high seas.

Today’s artisan is a portrayal of this time-tested bond … he epitomizes artistry with rare elegance and beauty, while linking imagination with reality in his creation and works.

Presenting our Speciality of Victorian Era DÉCOR by creating an ambience of it through design and complementing it with the manufacture and supply of exquisite, customized hand-crafted period furniture.We also develop and deliver from any designs / Images provided by client therefore sky is the limit.

At Ornate, we believe that, as a customer, you have the right to choose and decide on how your interiors and furniture ought to be … which is why, design has no limitations whatsoever. We are ever keen to listen to your suggestions while planning the décor of your home, office or any space. This we believe, will result in nothing less than complete Customer delight.

Tranquil homes, Serene work places, forgoing a mindset that breaks through an ethereal frontier of aestheticism, beauty, perfection, contentment ….